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 Mar-Jac’s new $17 million feed mill is operational!

Following 2 years of construction, the new state-of-the-art feed mill located in Maysville, Georgia is fully operational.  Mar-Jac’s new mill is constructed with the latest environmentally-protective equipment and employs 40 people. 

The mill will receive various feed ingredients such as corn and soy meal via railway and convert it to the perfect nutritional formula to optimize healthy growth for all of Mar-Jac’s chickens.   This highly-automated mill will produce 8,500 tons of feed weekly to supply over 200 poultry farms in Northeast Georgia who have contracted with Mar-Jac to raise their chicks and broilers.  Mar-Jac currently processes approximately 1,850,000 chickens per week at its processing plant in Gainesville, and will be expanding to accommodate 2,000,000 chickens per week in 2007. 

New Mar-Jac Feedmill
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Feed-Mill Construction Information

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